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Summary: Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation Part 6 shows little love for the Germans

As art historian Keneth Clark says in episode 5 of his 1969 series Civilisation, revolutionary movements in the arts do not last long. The heroic age of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo lasted less than twenty years. Indeed, Leonardo’s drawings of the world overwhelmed by water, shown at the end of the episode, are an indication, according to Clark, that the “golden moment [was] almost over.” For Episode 6, Clark moves North: for the first time in the series, it moves out beyond the old Roman Empire to talk, not of barbarians, but of civilisation.
But Clark does not seem to have much love for the Germans. He says of the Riemenschneider figures he discusses that “these faces reveal a more dangerous characteristic, a vein of hysteria.” When comparing Raphael’s portrait of a cardinal in the Prado (The Cardinal) in the Prado with Albrecht Dürer’s Oswald Krell, he describes the cardinal as a man of culture, balanced and self-contained. Krell, on the other hand, he describes as:
“on the verge of hysteria. Those staring eyes, that look of self-conscious introspection, that uneasiness, marvellously conveyed by Dürer through the uneasiness of the planes in the modelling – how German it is and what a nuisance it has been for the rest of the world.
Oswald Krell by Albrecht Dürer
One might assert that his view of Germany is a 20th-century sentiment speaking through a man who has lived through both World Wars, and is maybe somewhat inappropriate for a discussion of the late 15th century. When Clark talks about “these destructive national characteristics,” he uses 19th-century concepts that barely fit the political or cultural constellation around 1500.
Clark says the North cared for the word, more than the image. His, fairly condensed, discussion of (Northern) Europe between circa 1450 and 1600, concentrates on three writers, and artists connected to them: Desiderius ErasmusMartin Luther and Michel de Montaigne.
Erasmus is tied to both the utilisation of the printing press as a medium for the distribution of ideas for a large audience, as well as the artists Hans Holbein the Younger and Albrecht Dürer. Clark is dismissive of the idea of the printing press as a linchpin of civilisation, saying other civilisations got on very well without it. But he might have underestimated its power in this and later episodes in history. Hans Holbein is used mostly as an excuse to talk about Tudor England.
Luther functions as a model for the Reformation. Clark is critical of the Reformation, blaming it for the disappearance of figurative art in Northern Europe, its destructive tendencies and its lack of common decency between civilians. Much of this, he blames not on the ideas of the Reformation, but on the German mind, and goes as far to call it, in the end, necessary for the preservation of Western civilisation.
“But it had to happen. If civilisation was not to wither, or petrify, like the society of ancient Egypt, it had to draw life from deeper roots than those which had nourished the intellectual and artistic triumphs of the Renaissance. And ultimately a new civilisation was created – but it was a civilisation not of the image, but of the word.”
It is with Montaigne, that Clark ends “the heroic spirit of the Renaissance.
“In the past, self-examination had been painful and penitential. To Montaigne, it was a pleasure, and as he says: ‘no pleasure hath any savour unless I can communicate it.'”
But where Montaigne invented the essay, to while away the isolation that the Wars of Religion “forced on the most civilised man in late sixteenth-century Europe,” Shakespeare translated the ideas of Montaigne to the stage. Clark ends Episode 6 with a scene from Hamlet (Act 5, Scene 1), because “one of the first ways in which I would justify civilisation, is that it can produce a genius on this scale.” Like Montaigne, Clark says, Shakespeare is a product of the break-up of Christendom:
“and yet I feel that the human mind has gained a new greatness by outstaring the absolute meaninglessness of human life.”

Vienna: Muslim woman forbids father of seriously ill patient to visit her in hospital room

A fully veiled Muslim patient in Vienna's AKH hospital vehemently demands that a father who accompanies his seriously ill daughter (23) must leave the room. There's a battle of words. The staff quickly urges the family of the 23-year-old daughter to leave the hospital. The 56-year-old is appalled by this action: "Enough is enough. We are happy to help, but we will not be suppressed in this way. This cannot be tolerated." The AKH management emphasized that the father entered the room outside visiting hours and did not behave appropriately - and that the burqa ban did not apply in sick rooms. The Salfenauer family from Vienna's Donaustadt district is struggling with a difficult fate: daughter Chiara fell ill five years ago with multiple sclerosis, an incurable neurological disease. The 23-year-old was admitted to a research programme at the Vienna General Hospital, where she is admitted to hospital for one night about every six months. "She is administered drugs by infusion for about 24 hours. Since the side effects can be life-threatening, my wife and I always accompany our daughter to this treatment," said Robert Salfenauer in an interview with "This is a terrible disease, you support our child wherever you can. "Last Monday the family therefore visited the AKH together again. Before the young woman could move into her room, however, the hospital staff took the family aside: "We were told that there would be a fully veiled lady at the window bed and she would have a problem if male companions came along. As a father, I am therefore asked not to go in," Salfenauer said. A little later, the 56-year-old was told that he could enter the room but not go further than the bed nearest to the door - and not even to his daughter's bed. In fact, he also had no visual contact with the other patient, as she was lying behind a partition wall. "But the lady heard my voice, looked up straight around the screen and immediately began to scold what I was doing here and I should leave immediately. She won't let a man be here. It couldn't be, she wouldn't want that. She told me to leave the room immediately. The family then withdrew to the waiting area where they talked about the incident. Shortly afterwards, a doctor, accompanied by a security officer, approached the couple and asked them to leave the hospital immediately. "We were naturally perplexed. They argued we'd disturb the peace of the house. Then when we left, the security man went with us. So, in the end, I was taken away by a security guard. I'm 56 now, that's never happened to me in my life".
And further: "We were completely horrified and confused that a radical - in this case religious - community of opinion could determine how we should behave in Vienna. The fully veiled lady may determine that I cannot visit my daughter? Any radicalism must be rejected. The family, which was also surprised that the woman wore a niqab in the public hospital in view of the burqa ban in Austria, immediately lodged a complaint with the hospital after the incident: "What matters to us is that it is now clear: Enough is enough. We like to help everyone and have often shown this, even refugees, but we do not let ourselves be suppressed in this way. This cannot be tolerated."

Merkel Pushes for EU Common Asylum System After Inviting Millions of Migrants to Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel laid out a six-point plan this week to prevent a future migrant crisis, including a common asylum system across all European Union (EU) member-states.

The German leader, who recently formed a new coalition months after last September’s election, released her six-point plan to stop another migrant crisis after many held her responsible for creating the first one in 2015.The first point involves support for the EU-Turkey migrant deal, which saw the political bloc give billions to Turkey and a promise of visa liberalisation for  Turkish citizens, in exchange for keeping migrants from crossing the Aegean Sea to Greece.
“I know that the EU-Turkey agreement has many opponents. But I will defend it,” Merkel said.
Merkel also declared that Germany and other countries should pour more funding into United Nations programmes like the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNCHR).

The causes of migration were another major topic raised by the Chancellor with Merkel arguing that more should be done to condemn regimes like that of Syrian president Bashar Assad, and highlighting steps to forge agreements with African countries to prevent further migration.
A strong EU external border is something that has been advocated by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and others since 2015, and Merkel did voice her support for increased security on the political bloc’s shared border.
“We need such control because we have had to experience that among so many peaceful and irreproachable refugees there were also Islamist terrorists,” Merkel said — using the opportunity to and call for the creation of a joint EU border security force.

Most significantly, she called for a common EU asylum system, a policy very much opposed by Prime Minister Orbán, who has labelled it an “institutionalisation of mass migration”. Merkel said she expected an agreement on the matter by June of this year.
In her final point, Merkel argued that any migrants who received resident status must be integrated as soon as possible and that the German federal government would support language classes and daycare for children, and help regions with funding such programmes.

United Kingdom Police Priorities

Merkel's Iran Nuke Deal uber alles

by Jack Engelhard

Ever since she singlehandedly ruined Europe through her reckless immigration policy, Angela Merkel ought to be the last person to be handing out advice, now on Iran.
Seems that Merkel favors the Iran Nuke Deal that was hatched by Obama, Kerry and the ayatollahs.
She thinks it’s so splendid that, though nobody asked, she advised, no warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to keep hands off…or else.
Apparently, she’s worried that since President Trump is on the verge of (wisely) nixing the arrangement, Netanyahu, through a whisper or two, could clinch it for him.  
Merkel, it’s being reported, told Netanyahu that if the United States withdraws from the plan, the Middle East will be plunged into a devastating new war.“Do you want that to happen?” she asked…rhetorically, we imagine…when the two leaders met in Davos.
No, neither do Netanyahu or Trump want something else to happen – a nuclear empowered Iran hovering the skies of Israel and the United States. We’re not there yet. But the Deal as sneaked through by Obama/Kerry makes it possible, unless stopped. To spare you the 10,000 pages of the Nuke Deal, here it is in a nutshell –[-
Iran must stop, or pretend to pause whatever it’s doing with centrifuges and enriched uranium, until a certain date. After that, around 2030, the Deal expires, and it’s bombs away.
Is that clear? I hope not. Because we really do not know what secret handshakes were made after Kerry and the ayatollahs smiled for the cameras, though we do know $150 Billion mysteriously appeared, changed hands, from us to them, and Kerry, never a friend of the Jewish State, assured us that through this Deal Israel and the entire Middle East were safer than ever before.
That was the first sign that something fishy was up, and it was worse when Obama offered the same assurances at around the same time when he abandoned Israel at the UN…if you remember Security Council Resolution 2334, which named Jerusalem and other Jewish holy sites “Palestinian territory,” and which Obama let slip through by abstaining.
With friends like that, like John Kerry and Barrack Hussein Obama, who needs Angela Merkel?
European leaders outside Germany are gradually waking up to the damage she’s done by importing and introducing and implanting a strange culture throughout the continent.
The migration fiasco she started can’t be stopped and for some reason, the Germans still want her. The Germans, as we know, have a habit of getting it wrong when it comes to leadership.
But it was assumed that THIS chancellor has the Jewish State’s best interests at heart. She may have everything backwards, but she means well.
Not so says columnist Benny Avni in Tuesday’s New York Post, where he shows that because of a German “power play,” Israel is being elbowed out for a chance to sit, for the first time, at the UN Security Council. Avni writes: “Remember when the new Germany was keen to put its historical baggage behind it and be Israel’s best friend in Europe?
“That was then. Now Berlin is set to block a historic chance for raising the Jewish state’s international profile.”
Merkel does not sound like a friend in Europe, or as someone who can be trusted on Iran.

ISIS plans attacks on kindergartens and hospitals in Europe

German and Austrian intelligence services report that ISIS increasingly focuses on “lone wolves” for deadly attacks in Europe. Almost daily, specific instructions are given to potential terrorists on how to commit as much damage as possible. 
There are numerous calls for attacks on children in kindergartens and hospitals in Europe, according to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung. After losing ground in both Iraq and Syria, ISIS has to fall back upon proving its power through terror attacks by lone wolves.
More attacks were carried out by lone wolves in 2017 than in previous years. Knife attacks seem to be the most prominent. Hamburg, Hannover and the Christmas market attack in Berlin, have shown how much damage lone wolves can cause.
Police claim it is particularly hard to catch lone wolves because they act ‘completely normal’ until they strike.

Is the United Kingdom an Islamist Colony?

by Tom Quiggin
  • If the gang members were "Asian," records were not kept. Such is the cowardice and criminal negligence of the police involved.
  • These Sharia courts mean that the legal system of a foreign political ideology, Islam, has created a parallel legal system in which Sharia is placed above English common law. It is thought that some 30 to 85 Sharia courts are operating in England and Wales alone.
  • "The Muslim Brotherhood's foundational texts call for the progressive moral purification of individuals and Muslim societies and their eventual political unification in a Caliphate under Sharia law. To this day the Muslim Brotherhood characterises Western societies and liberal Muslims as decadent and immoral. It can be seen primarily as a political project." — Prime Minister David Cameron, 2014, regarding a report withheld from the public [Emphases added].
The United Kingdom, once an imperial power, now sounds more like a colonial vassal. The actions of British government officials suggest that the will of the government has collapsed in the face of terrorist and ideological assaults by the forces of political Islam. The ideology is being spread by, among others, the Muslims Brotherhood, according to a major report of the British government itself. A number of Muslim Brotherhood front groups have been identified as such by government reports such as those of the United Arab Emirates. These include the UK based Cordoba Foundation, the Muslim Association of Britain, and Islamic Relief UK. All three of these organization are listed as terrorist entities in the United Arab Emirates as well.
Those officials who have submitted to the Islamist cause include Prime Minister May, formerly the Home Secretary, who had responsibility for police, immigration, and intelligence activities. Having been Home Secretary from May 12, 2010 to July 13, 2016, she cannot argue she is unaware of the UK's internal problems. She was also Home Secretary when the damning Jay Report on the mass rape of girls in Rotherham was made public.
The problem has become so widespread, it can now be asked if the British government has moved into a colonial mindset. In other words, the UK now appears to have the status of a dhimmi: those who live in Islamist conquered lands but through submission are allowed to keep their original faith. The British government appears more willing to respond to the demands of the Islamist ideological offensive than it does to protecting its own subjects against mass rapes, honour killings, Female Genital Mutilationterrorist attacks and the generalized oppression of women by Sharia councils (courts).
After the June 2017 Islamist terrorist attack, which killed seven persons, Prime Minster May appeared in public and stated that "enough was enough." She said that there was "far too much tolerance of extremism." On the surface, it appeared that the Prime Minister had actually had enough of the Islamist ideology, extremism and terrorism in the UK.
Alas, the words turned out to be just the usual empty platitudes from No 10. Shortly after the PM's statement, Hezbollah and Hamas flags were openly flown in London during the Al Quds Day March on June 18, 2017. Not only did the UK government fail to attempt to stop this Hezbollah inspired march; the UK police assisted them by providing security and protection.
It is not just the Prime Minister who is the problem. In Manchester last May, after the suicide bombing which killed 22 and injured hundreds at the door of a music concert, the mayor, Andy Burnham, had some advice: what was needed was for everyone to "work together" and "terrorists will never beat us." Mayor Burnham also said that the best plan was to "carry on with day to day life". How come he failed to say that the best plan was not to "carry on"; that perhaps the best plan was to cease submitting to the will of a foreign ideology and act to counter its schools, proxies, fundraisers, apologists and front groups?
The problem in the UK is not just the fear instilled in the body politic by terrorist attacks. The well-documented sexual assaults by South Asian and Muslim mass-rape gangs attacking children in the UK is another major crime wave crushing the confidence of the British in their own government.
In March of 2018 another coverup was exposed concerning a series of mass rapes, druggings, sex trafficking and murders in Telford. The report identifies that the problem began in the 1980s, was identified by social workers in the 1990s; and only in 1996, a resident went to police with information about a key abuser who was selling underage girls for sex Police, social workers, and the town council covered up the widespread abuse for decades as they were afraid of being called "racist." The eleven-year-old girls involved were identified as "prostitutes" as though children can even be said to make such a choice. If the gang members were "Asian," records were not kept. Such is the cowardice and criminal negligence of the police involved.
The counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam, run mainly by Muslims of South Asian origin, says that 85% of those convicted of mass rape are of South Asian origin. Seven in ten of those convicted are believed to be of Pakistani-Muslim heritage. Of note, Asians make up only 7% of the total UK population.
The first major case of rape gangs grooming children apparently took place in Rotherham, UK. The Jay Report noted that some 1,400 mainly white children, aged 11 to 14, had been drugged, raped, and forced into sexual slavery while being trafficked throughout the region between 1997 and 2013. A variety of civic officials, town councilors, police, and the local Member of Parliament had evidently been aware of the abuse for years but had remained silent. Those who spoke out were silenced.
In the English town of Rotherham (population ca. 258,000), at least 1,400 children were sexually abused by a gang of Muslim men of Pakistani descent. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
Three of the previous inquiries from 2002, 2003 and 2009 had found similar issues, but those reports were "effectively suppressed." At the time, UK Home Secretary Theresa May described it as "institutionalized political correctness." The Member of Parliament for Rotherham, Denis McShane, said that as a "Guardian reading lefty," he thought that there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that.
The mass rape problem is endemic but is not limited to Rotherham and Telford. It has also affected, among others places, Bristol, Derby, Rochdale, PeterboroughNewcastleOxfordshireBradfordKeighleyBanburyHalifaxLeeds, Birmingham, Norwich, Burney, High Wycombe, Dewsbury and Middlesbrough.
The common link in all these cases is that the grooming gangs are of south Asian origin and that the responsible authorities chose silence over the risk of "offending" them by appearing racist or "Islamophobic." If mass rape of a country's children over a period of decades is not enough to force a government to act, the question is, what is?

Silencing Dissent

Meanwhile, as reports of the latest mass rape scandals in Telford were spreading, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were attempting to enter the United Kingdom. They had planned to present themselves at the Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park and to interview Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League. Martin Sellner is a well known Austrian activist and student who is also the leader of the "new right" Identitarian Movement. Brittany Pettibone is a self-described "American nationalist". Both were refused entry by UK officials on suspicion of "inciting hatred and tension between local communities".
The eminent scholar of Islam Robert Spencer was also banned from entering England in 2013, at the same time as "the UK Home Office admitted the Pakistani Muslim cleric Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri, whose preaching of hatred and jihad violence is so hardline that he is banned from preaching in Pakistan.
Dr. Martin Parsons, head of research at the Barnabas Fund, which helps Christians escape persecution, pointed out that Britain grants visas to Islamic leaders who demand the execution of Christians accused of blasphemy against the Islamic faith, and it routinely grants asylum to senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that they repeatedly incite violence against the Egyptian Coptic Christians.
This month, Canadian citizen Lauren Southern was also detained. Ms. Southern is a political activist and Internet personality with known right wing views. She had run for the Libertarian Party in the 2015 Canadian federal election and worked for Rebel Media. Her entry to the UK was refused as she poses a threat to the "fundamental interests of society" and was further identified as a threat to the "public policy of the United Kingdom." She was denied entry under under anti-terrorism legislation (Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act of 2000) even though no association to terrorism was made.
The UK government seems incapable of tackling the mass rape gangs in the UK and yet they willfully allowed Youssef Zaghba to enter the UK, despite his being on a security watchlist and authorities warned that he was a terrorist. Mr. Zaghba then proceeded to help carry out the terrorist attack in June of 2017 on a London Bridge.
The same UK government, however, stops journalists and activists from entering as they are supposedly a threat to the "fundamental interests of society."

Women and Power

Ironically, even women in positions of power such as Prime Minister May submit to jihadi threats and aid in silencing the ensuing criticism. Another example, Joyce Thacker, was the £130,000-a-year (USD $180,000) Strategic Director of the City of Rotherham's children's services department for five years, while the ongoing rapes and sex trafficking of eleven to fourteen-year-old girls was proceeding apace. Not only did the child services department do nothing to help the 1400 girls being raped and forced into prostitution, she and others went out of their way to silence anyone who tried to speak out against it. The reason for the enforced silence over a period of years was identified in the UK government report as "institutionalized political correctness." Of note, Joyce Thacker, after being exposed, received a £40,000 pay-off from the local Labour-run authority when she left her position.
Female Labour Member of Parliament Naz Shaw also apparently supports the position of the rapists over that of girls who were raped. In a rather startling tweet, she stated that the abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need "shut their mouths for the good of diversity." For her, the ideology of diversity is more important than the mass rape and trafficking of girls.
The female head of the London Metropolitan Police Force, Cressida Dick, has also tried to downplay the mass rape of girls by stating that rape gangs have "been part of our society for centuries." The problem with her statement is that no evidence exists to support her position.
In addition to women in government who hold such toxic positions on the rape of girls, it seems that Lily Allan, a British singer, actor and TV presenter, also does. When she was questioned on the idea of whether thousands of young British girls (11 to 14) would have avoided being raped if their rapists had not been allowed to immigrate into the UK, she replied, "Actually, there's a strong possibility they would have been raped and abused by somebody else at some point. That's kind of the issue."

Free Speech Crushed

The Lord Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, claims that the London Met Police are heavily engaged in the attacking hate crimes. This appears to have been confirmed by the London Met who stated on their own website that "Currently, we have over 900 specialist hate crime investigators working across London's dedicated hate crime Community Safety Units (CSUs)." These officers are apparently working on "hate crimes" such as Facebook postings and other social media platforms, while London suffers from terrorist attacksacid attacksmoped gang swarmings and an increasing number of young people dying in the emerging plague of knife crimes. The question must be asked about priorities here and whether the Mayor and the London Met are more interested in tackling real crimes or in suppressing the blow-back they create.

The UK's Two Legal Systems

It has become a common practice that marriages in some mosques in the UK are not registered with the civil authorities. When Muslim women living in the UK are faced with issues of child support, divorce and wife beating, they often find that their marriage was not legally recorded.
When they try to work with Sharia tribunals, these women then find out they have few rights and are often told that the fault is their own and they need to return to their abusive husbands. As reported in The Telegraph:
"When Aisha approached a Sharia council in the UK about divorcing her husband, she faced a barrage of questions. 'Have you been supportive to him?' she was asked. 'Are you meeting his needs? Cooking and cleaning?' She was told to go back and be 'a better wife'. Her husband had repeatedly assaulted her."
These courts mean that the legal system of a foreign political ideology, Islam, has created a parallel legal system in which Sharia is placed above English common law. It is thought that some 30 to 85 Sharia courts are operating in England and Wales alone.

Female Genital Mutilation

Girls in the United Kingdom are being taught to put spoons down the front of their underwear if they fear they are being shipped to Africa or South Asia to suffer Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) at the hands of their parents. The spoons will trigger metal detectors at the airport and allow the girls to explain to security (in private) why they fear going abroad.
Thousands of cases of FGM have been reported with little being done. Some 5,500 cases of FGM were reported in 2016 alone, including 1,268 newly recorded casesfrom October to December of 2016 compared with 1,240 in the previous quarter. No cases have been successfully prosecuted and only one has gone to trial, despite the practice being banned more than 30 years ago. Why does the UK government fear attacking such an issue, given that young British girls are being sexually mutilated? Votes?

An Assault on the Basic Principle of the State

Emanuel Kant believed that the "safety of the republic is the highest law" (Salus Rei Publicae Suprema Lex Esto). John Locke argued that what is most important is the security of the people. Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that the object of government is the good of the people and that a social contract is required to defend and protect the common good.
The foundation of international law says that each country, or nation state, has sovereignty over its own territory and domestic affairs, to the exclusion of all external powers. The basics of the Westphalian state are that two factors are incumbent on a sovereign state: defense of the national territory and defense of the population. This, of course, means enforcing and defending the borders while maintaining in the country an effective security, police and justice system.


When government leaders from the town council to the Westminster Parliament prefer the mass rapes of their own girls to the possibility of "offending" rapists, it can be safely stated that a corrosively submissive attitude has taken over the government. When girls are being advised to put spoons in their underwear to avoid FGM, social standards in the UK have clearly collapsed. When police refuse to record the names of suspected rapists because they are "Asian the outcome of criminal investigations is being enforced not by law but by political correctness. When terrorism rips open the bodies of children and civic officials say that the inhabitants of the town should just "carry on," it is a sign that politicians can no longer govern.
The long-term plan of the Islamists, led by the organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood –the full report on which was suppressed and withheld from the public is coming to fruition.
The UK government is aware of these issues as its own investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood revealed as much. Theresa May was the Home Secretary when this report was released.
Prime Minister David Cameron's statement in 2014 on this issue was:
"Aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology and activities therefore run counter to British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, equality and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. The Muslim Brotherhood's foundational texts call for the progressive moral purification of individuals and Muslim societies and their eventual political unification in a Caliphate under Sharia law. To this day the Muslim Brotherhood characterises Western societies and liberal Muslims as decadent and immoral. It can be seen primarily as a political project." (Emphases added)
The Muslim Brotherhood does not attempt to hide this objective. Yusuf Qaradawi, identified as the leading inspirational cleric of the Muslim Brotherhood, makes this clear when he states:
"This means that Islam will come back to Europe for the third time, after it was expelled from it twice... Conquest through Da'wa, that is what we hope for. We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through sword but through Da'wa."
When Theresa May, the Prime Minister and former Home Secretary of the UK, will not take substantive action against any of this ideological and physical assault, it is reasonable to say that the decades long incursion on the British government by Islamist ideologists is likely gaining ground. Little to no action is being taken against the proxies, charities, fundraisers and front groups, even though they are generally well known and have even been identified by other governments which are well placed to make the assessments.
With Westminster brought to its knees, the drive to reduce the United Kingdom to a colonial satrapy seems well underway.